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Virtual Reunion Group Photo

2021 Emerald Club Virtual Reunion Group Photo


Group Photo Key:

1st Row (l to r): Erin Boris*; President Andrew Manion*; Barbara Snyder Boonchouy ’65;
Bert Filicky Peneski ’67; Patti (VanTuyle) Labella ’71

2nd Row (l to r): Agnes (Schuster) Zepezauer ’71; Katie (Hargraves) Vesperman ’99*;
Anne (Daniels) Crowley ’71; Carol (Smith) Galbus ’62; Catherine (O’Brien) Schneider ’71

3rd Row (l to r): Colleen Settles O.P. ’71; Eileen Donahue Brittain ’70; Evie (Myers) Reddin ’71;
Jean Becker ’71; Jeanne (Brick) Trumpy ’64

4th Row (l to r): Jen Stewart*; Joan (Chickvary) Cavanaugh ’61; Joan Fitzgerald ’71;
Joan (Farrell) Statz ’55; Abby Bjerke*

5th Row (l to r): Kathleen (Leuders) Fortney ’71; Kathleen Phelan O.P. ’69;
Group photo: Dorothy (McCauley) Kijek ’71, Anne Murphy ’71, Joan (Wadell) Moster ’71,
Maureen O’Rourke-Pischke ’71; Margaret O’Brien O.P. ’71, MA ’94; Margaret (Swenson) Nowicki ’71

6th Row (l to r): Margaret (Bruns) Wood ’69; Marie (Schmitz) Kuckkahn ’71;
Marie Louise Seckar, OP ’65; Mary McCoy ’71; Mary (Lynaugh) Curtin ’66

7th Row (l to r): Mary Grace (McDonough) Keene ’71; Mary Anne (Everson) Guerrero ’68;
Mike Sweitzer-Beckman*; Mary Pat (Thomas) Braun ’71; Maureen (Harmon) Manwaring ’72

8th Row (l to r): Kay (Carey) Meng ’58; Joan (McCoy) Clay ’66; Mo McDonnell OP ’67;
Maripat (Doherty) Martin ’71; Terrie (Gunty) Wepner ’71

9th Row (l to r): Thelma Duggin ’71; Gee (Enright) Ballweg ’68; Toni Harris OP ’71;
Virginia Pfluger, O.P. ’59; Pat Silverwood ’71

Not pictured: Mary Jean Etten ’68; Ann Grice Knoebel ’67; Rae Rocca ’61;
Susan (Becker) Slattery ’71; John Leonard*; Jamie Wojcik* 

* = Edgewood College staff

Emerald Club Endowed Scholarship

We are grateful to the more than 80 of you who have contributed toward our $20,000.00 goal to create the Emerald Club Endowed Scholarship. There is still time to achieve our shared goal – please visit the Emerald Club Endowed Scholarship webpage to learn more and make a gift to support Edgewood College students in financial need – forever.